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Two versions of a course, Draft and Live

As I was developing the course, I was publishing a test/draft version of the course to the server for review and testing. After development, I decided to publish a live version of the course (Select “live” from the course status option of the oppia moodle export block) but this in turn created a new course on the server (attached screenshot).

My expectation was when i eventually select the live option from the oppia moodle export block on a course that i have been publishing as draft, would change the status of the course on the oppia server side from draft to live as opposed to creating a new course. (like it used to happen in the past i think)

Hi @hakimks,

Ah yes, this was updated in the block a sprint or so back…
The problem before was that if courses had been published live and were available to students, then testing an updated version got very tricky (either creating a new course in Moodle, or just sideloading the course only). There’s some more info up on the docs about this: https://oppiamobile.readthedocs.io/en/latest/content/updating.html

Hope that explains things and makes sense?

Hi @alex
Thanks for the reply and for the links.
So what do you think, I should do? Should I delete the draft version of the course??

I think it depends, if you’re working on updating the course (for a future update) then not really necessary to delete it. the draft course/s will only be visible to staff/admin users (or users that you;ve specifically given permission to access).

So probably no need to delete, unless you just want to ‘tidy’ up the database

However, it looks a bit odd that you have more users having downloaded the draft course than have downloaded the actual live course…

Let me just keep it for future updates.
For the draft course having more users than the live course, this is because of the course review workshop that was held, so we gave all of the reviewers access to the draft course. And the Live course is yet to me promoted to attract more downloads.

Ah OK - that makes sense, just looked a little odd to me to start with!