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Unable to access cmedata.org

I am trying to access cmedata.org in order to upload videos and later embed them into Moodle. The instructions I have say I can use my Moodle login credentials to access cmedata.org, but those credentials are not working. Any tips on how to proceed? Can I just register for a new account, or do I have to have a cmedata account linked to Moodle for videos to sync?

Hi @whedidar,

The user credentials for Moodle and the cmedata (Oppia) site will be different, the accounts aren’t linked in any way.
You could register for a new account on the cmedata, then ask one of the admins to give you upload permissions for this site, then you will be able to upload videos and courses. Though it may be that the CHA (Oppia) site is a better place for you to upload the videos (@Julie?)


Thanks Alex, the Academy Oppia site is the better place to upload since these courses will be made available through the Academy version of Oppia.

I actually uploaded the three short videos by MAF for the Digital Classroom courses this morning, but am running into some issues embedding.

Do I need to manually enter something for the IMAGE/TEXT HERE if I create the embed code by uploading? It’s not clear how I would make that update, or how to include a screenshot of the video there.

When I use the embed code in Moodle, do I add the code using the add media option in Moodle, or just paste the code directly in the page content? I tried adding as media and it looks like it’s added a video, but the video is 0 seconds long and won’t play.

For the embed code, it should just be pasted in the page content - then you can add surrounding text/narrative/credits etc where necessary, and add multiple videos to a single page.

For the “IMAGE/TEXT HERE”, yes that ought to be replaced, we’ve usually used an appropriate screenshot from the video, though for audio media, it might just be text to say play now, or similar.

The video won;t be playable in Moodle - one of the problems that we’re trying to resolve with the new media embed updates int he next sprint. so (hopefully) soon, this media embedding will be easier and more intuitive

Thank you both. @Julie how can I access the Academy Oppia site?

Alternatively, since you already uploaded the videos, would you mind sharing with me the embed codes? I believe I will l be using those same three videos for the COVID-19 courses on Digital Classroom.