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Unable to publish a course

(via email)… getting the message “A server error occured during publishing. This could be a permissions issue, please refer to your OppiaMobile server administrator. Your course has not been published.”

Couple of things to look at:

  • It seems the course is larger than the max allowed by the server (the course is 7.7Mb, but the max on the server is 5Mb) - so firstly try changing the “MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE” setting… if you go to the Django admin pages, then go to the settings model to update this

  • Test just downloading the zip file from Moodle and uploading directly into Oppia - this would let us know if it’s an issue with the API or something else

  • Check that the web server user has write permissions on the /home/oppiamobile/uploads directly

Let me know how you get on with these…

For reference the fix for this particular issue was both the first and third checks I mentioned above - updating the max upload size and the web server permissions on the upload directory.