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User emails not getting registered on oppia the server

Hi @alex
During the QA I was doing on upgrading to v7.1.7, I have noticed that email addresses do not get registered on the oppia server even if a user inputs the email in the registration steps.
On taking a closer look at the RegisterTask.java (oppia-mobile-android/RegisterTask.java at master · DigitalCampus/oppia-mobile-android · GitHub), I have noticed the email field is not being submitted to the server.

I am looking at the right file?

adding “json.put(“email”, u.getEmail());” has fixed this

Hmmm… not sure what’s going wrong here, We did make a change so we use the email with the custom fields approach (so essentially it;s optional, but it can be made required in the custom_fields.json)

@jjoseba - have I got this right?, and please can you take a look?