Using course content developed by others?

Hi, I looked around for this topic, perhaps someone can direct me to it if it is already here…
Is it possible to use (with permission and attribution, of course) another group’s existing course content? I see some great content in other courses but it not clear if there is a way to download/copy and import.
All the best

Hi Steve,
Which content are you referring to? If you mean the courses in the OppiaMobile Moodle site, the ones created by Digital Campus are released under a Creative Commons license, and include media content which is also released under an open license. In the “About/License” page of each course you can see the specific licenses and attributions you need to follow to reuse the contents.

For courses of external actors, in the OppiaMobile or other Moodle sites, I would say that asking them directly for permission is the best approach. If the content doesn’t use any specific authoring tool different from Moodle, they should be compatible with the OppiaMobile app.

If you directly want to export this courses to another OppiaMobile instance, you can do that directly, applying any of the custom themes included. To import them and edit them in an external Moodle site, there are Moodle course backups for each course. @alex , I include you in the conversation because I don’t remember exactly whether those are publicly available or are sent by request.

Hi Joseba, thanks for the response. I was referring to any of the courses I see under Oppia Conent Course categories on the dashboard such as “HEWs Programme - Level 3 - Ethiopia.”

Yes, the question had also to do with the “how” part of it…where do I find the Moodle course backups and what method is used to import them?