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Video does not open on the App

hi Alex, facing issues with getting Videos to play on the App.
Course Name: COVID 1: SL - WHAT IS COVID19.
URL to the Course: https://moodle.communityhealthacademy.org/mod/page/view.php?id=1948

Followed the entire process as described in this guide: Using Media Content in OppiaMobile Courses — OppiaMobile 0.12.18 documentation

The App prompts to download the video. But then it displays a message stating “Media File…not found” (see pic)

Further, in this lesson, you will see two ways to open up the Video (LINK & Embedded); both options do not work via the App.

Will be grateful for any help.
Thank you

Hi @isaacwilliams & @ebennert

I just had a go at exporting this course to my staging server and the video is playing ok… Couple of things you might want to check…

The video name seems to be different now, in your image above the filename seems to be “Animation Introduction.m4v”, but when I export the course now the video file is called “What is Covid19.m4v”. But I guess this is just from your testing rather than a real issue.

When you export from Moodle, on “Export Step 2”, you’ll need to upload the video file to the server. The screen will show something like this:

So you’ll need to enter your Oppia username/password for the server you’re pushing the video to and push there. Then you can continue to the final publishing of the course.

Finally, in the app, if there is a download media message, then you’ll need to download the media to your device (so it;s available offline), otherwise the file won;t be found.

Hope that helps, but just let me know if you;re still having issues,


Hi Alex, YES to all three points you’ve raised. But still we receive a message stating “video not found”

Is there a specific location on the SD Card where the files are downloaded into?

Any advise?

HI @isaacwilliams

I’m a little confused!..the live SL Oppia server had the “Course 1: What is COVID-19?” last published on 24 May, and the staging SL Oppia server doesn;t have this course published at all (see: https://staging.training.sl.oppia-mobile.org/course/)

So I’m not totally clear which Oppia server you;re publishing this course to, and also which server you;re connecting to with the app.

If you can clarify this, that would help a lot!


Hi Alex.

I do not believe Isaac or I have access to the staging.training.sl server, did not know it existed, so we were using what we did have access to.

We have been testing using the CHA app that is in the play store and the CHA staging server so we can push and review without having to download a new APK each time we want to test.

I believe Nick must have copied that version of the What is COVID 19 course in his last package to the SL team for the SL app testing.


Thanks @ebennert that’s helpful to know… I’ll take a look a the CHA staging server (and the app) to see what might be happening.


Hi @isaacwilliams and @ebennert

I’ve just been taking a look, so here’s what I’ve found…

On the Staging CHA server (https://staging.cha.oppia-mobile.org/course/) the course is published, however there seem to be 4 variants of the course:

In the app, I happen to be using the specific app for SL, but actually there shouldn’t be any difference here as to which app is being used as will work the same for the CHA app too. So what I see for the course listing to download is (when I have the app set to connect to the https://staging.cha.oppia-mobile.org/ server):

So I downloaded the first course in this list (title: “Course 1: SL - WHAT IS COVID-19?”), and the video downloads and play correctly.

Maybe since there seem to be several versions of similar course titles, this is where the confusing/problems are happening?

For the demo on Monday, it would be good to know which version of the app (and what server to connect to) the SL team has been given to use - since there is a specific app and staging/live server for this - probably best for @NickGordon or @Julie to clarify.


Hi Alex, the variant that we are currently working on is the one you chose for your test.
“Course 1: SL - WHAT IS COVID-19?”.

So I guess you are saying it works on App installed on your device. If so, can you help us understand how it works on your device. Are we missing some step in the process?


Hi @isaacwilliams

Yes, it seems to be working for me… my suggestion would be…

  1. remove (uninstall) the CHA app that you already have - this is just to make sure there’s no “hangover” from previously downloads
  2. install the CHA app again (from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.lmh.cha)
  3. Before logging in, go to the settings (from the menu in top right on the welcome screen) and change the server to be https://staging.cha.oppia-mobile.org (this is under the advanced settings section)
  4. then log in and download the course "Course 1: SL - WHAT IS COVID-19?”
  5. Download the media/video files that will be shown as missing

Then you should be able to to view the video

Please let me know if this works (or not)