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Video embedded pages engulfed by new CSS

Hi Alex, could you take a look at these pages please which have videos embedded into it. These pages are engulfed by the new CSS when viewed via the App (attached pic). Kindly let me know what could be the issue? Is there something I need to do?


Thank you.

Hi @isaacwilliams (+ @NickGordon & @ebennert )

I’m having a look at this, but it’s not making sense to me yet. I can see what’s happening, as when the video is extracted it’s also removing the end of the </h3> element, which is causing the style to be applied throughout the page, as the <h3> element ends up spanning the whole page.

I’m trying to figure if there’s a quicker workaround for this right now so will let you know, as likely it;s going to be time consuming to get properly fixed up

Hi @isaacwilliams ,

I found a temporary fix for this now…
before the <h3> tag, add an empty div in the HTML,

So eg, instead of having:

<h3>1.1.2 Characteristics of Adolescents and Youth</h3>


<div style="clear:both"></div>
<h3>1.1.2 Characteristics of Adolescents and Youth</h3>

This will then make the page to appear like this when exported:

I realise it’s only a temporary fix for now, and have put up a tech dev issue to get this fixed up properly in a future sprint,

Yes! That did the trick for now.
Will be great to have a permanent fix.

Thanks Alex.

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