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Videos show as images, no play button

Hi Alex, videos on the App show as plain images. Play button isn’t visible. This is on the RMNCH Course.

Kindly help resolve this issue please.
Thank you.

Hi @isaacwilliams
What I usually do to overcome this, is to manually put the play button on that image using any image editing software ( ms paint, photoshop). Then upload that image as the video thumbnail.

Hi Hakim, Thank you. That’s exactly what we’ve done! :slight_smile:

So what could be real issue for the play button not to appear automatically?


Its an issue, but maybe its a feature than can be added to automatically overlay that playbutton if its a video. Maybe Alex can add on this.

Hi @isaacwilliams & @hakimks - yes, at the moment there’s no automatic overlay to add a play button, probably something we can add in the stylesheet to automatically add if there is a video - I’ll add a tech dev issue for this,