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WYSIWYG Moodle Atto filter: Embed Question

How hard is it to get the Atto filter embed question: Moodle plugins directory: Embed question atto button
to be added and will it behave in the app?

Additionally if I knew of an interactive video tool - like playposit - that can work offline, is that a possible addition to the Oppia bag of tricks?

Hi Liz,

We’ve tended to try to keep to supporting features/functionality that are natively/default supported in Moodle, rather than features that are only available as an additional plugin.

However, it is possible to implement features in Oppia that are only available via additional Moodle plugins.

The key questions around this specific Atto filter will be around whether or not the users response needs to be recorded by Oppia.

In the adaptation for the Ethiopia HEW level 4 content, we embedded questions in page views, although these were limited to showing the question, then an option to reveal the answer. It should be possible to allow users to select possible answers and then show if they are correct or not.

But I guess it mainly comes back to whether or not the users response needs to be recorded/measured by the Oppia server or not, and how this might affect the course completion criteria. If it’s simply for checking user understanding (and doesn’t need to be recorded, nor used as a basis for their course completion), then that would be much easier to implement.

Hope that helps!

Ideally, they would be used as knowledge checks that do not count against them. What you just described for the HEW level 4 content is EXACTLY what I was hoping to use for the RMNCH content for the HEW refresher we are working on for Ethiopia.

Hi Liz…

Actually you can already use the same feature that we have in the HEW level 4 content…

In the page content (you’ll need to go into the HTML view)… you can add (eg):

<div class="box question">
    <p>What proportion of the worldwide number of maternal deaths occurs in Africa?</p>
    <div name="reveal" id="91" class="reveal">Show answer</div>
    <div id="answer91">
        <p>African women account for almost half of the 536,000 women who die every year as a consequence of complications of pregnancy or childbirth.</p>

In the app this will initially display as:

Then like this when the users presses to “show answer”:

This functionality is actually connected to the “course design” selection when exporting from the Moodle server, so it automatically adds the right CSS/Javascript/Images.

If there are different styles/colours/images you’d prefer to use, then it should be straightforward to add a new “course design”.

There are also other styles, so instead of style=“box question” you could also use definition/warning/info - these use different images, but don’t do the show/hide part.

None of the information, or whether the users clicked to show answer is recorded by the app or server


Thank you for this information. So sorry I missed your response. I am really liking this option for some activities. This could be a good way to do an interim step if we do not want to get into open response. Do you think you could send me info on how to set up the other styles and how to build the different options?

IS it possible to do an open response, if we do not care to gather the responses but that no matter what they submit, an auto feedback/description appears?

Hi @ebennert

For adding new/different inline styles, it does need a bit of knowledge of CSS and javascript (jQuery), although it’s not so complex.
Maybe the best thing here would be if you can give us some info on the type of styles/options you might like (perhaps even just as hand drawn images!), and we can put this in for you to test out.

For your additional question, yes, it should be possible to allow users to enter some text (or a response of some type) and give them an auto feedback (eg “Thanks for your response!”)


Hi @ebennert
For you query “Are there limits to the auto-response type and size?”, there aren;t really limits on this, but it will be easier for me to know once I have better idea of what you’d like here. I guess the main thing to bear in mind is if users have small screens, then the auto response shouldn;t be too long/big